I can help couples achieve the harmony, happiness and fulfillment they desire by addressing life issues that may limit success. I am an impartial observer with the experience and training needed to help you identify these issues and make recommendation based on your own unique relationship. 

Relationship Issues

• Parenting
• Communication
• Rekindling the marriage
• Intimacy
• Conflict resolution
• Dealing with changes through the couple life cycle
• Impact of illness & aging
• Loss
• Separation & divorce
• Affairs
• Porn use

What you can expect from me

• Sensitivity
• Authenticity
• Privacy
• Non-judgemental
• Respect
• Professionalism
• Compassion
• Patience
• Words
• Feelings
• Realistic expectations
• Hope
• Alternative viewpoints
• Flexibility

couple on the beach

Sensitive to your Relationship

• All sexual orientations
• LGBTQ issues and gender orientation
• Privacy
• Kink friendly and Queer positive
• Sensitive to and experienced working with non-traditional relationships including polyamory, swinging, open relationships and consensual non-monogamy.