About Lisa

I have been providing individual, couple and family therapy for over 30 years in a variety of settings. I am committed to providing professional care to individuals, couples and families.

I have a MSc in marital and family therapy with a specialization in human sexuality. I have taken years of training and supervision in sex therapy and individual, couple and family therapy.

• Local to Collingwood, Ontario area
• Certified Sex Therapist
• BESTCO member (Board of examiners in sex therapy and counselling in Ontario
• Clinical Fellow AAMFT
• Registered Psychotherapist (CRPO)

What I Can Do

• I can listen to your concerns and try to find solutions.
• I can teach you about sexual function and how it changes across the lifespan.
• I can help you find words and materials to talk to your kids about healthy sexuality.
• I can encourage and help you talk to your partner about what concerns you.
• I can offer you specific suggestions
• I can look for appropriate educational/therapeutic materials that can help you
• I can suggest appropriate referrals if available
• I can be a place where you can share things not shared with anyone before.
• I can talk to you about the effects of illness and/or medication on sexual function and what the options are.

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